Heavy rain urges high water rescue at Klebra Creek.


San Antonio – The night was busy as the storm caused heavy rains throughout San Antonio. The subsidence bridge along Old Grissom Road, where Klebra Creek intersects, soon saw flood water rise.

The driver was stuck trying to pass through the rising waters and the occupants had to be rescued. The video was captured on camera by nearby resident Paul Gonzalez and his wife.

Gonzales tried to help them in the car before they realized that the water was too high.

“It came very fast with just one big wall, and they still went through it,” Gonzales explained.

Firefighters used a ladder to rescue men and women from the car. As you can imagine, this is not the first time a high water level rescue has been done at this stream intersection.

“This always happens,” Gonzales said. “Usually I install barricades. Even while installing, people pass me quickly while I’m doing it. And get out of this before anyone comes and I I don’t know how many people helped. “


Gonzales wanted this to be a lesson.

“The car will be totally lost, so I wish I had insurance,” Gonzales said. “But above all, I hope people don’t experience it anymore.”

Floods were widespread on Wednesday night, with numerous parked cars, especially on the north and west sides of the city.

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Heavy rain urges high water rescue at Klebra Creek

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