Going out with a wand again to open the Welsh Parliament, the Queen appears to glow pink.


“I am honored to meet you today, Rewid, the Prime Minister, and members of the Welsh Parliament. Congratulations on your recent elections.

You are left to be the voice of the Welsh people-to represent their interests when decisions that affect their daily lives are discussed and decided within these walls.

When I was here for the final opening of 2016, I realized that the 5th Congress would show significant developments in the history of Welsh delegation.

Since then, further steps have been taken to strengthen the foundation of parliamentary democracy. The Welsh Act 2017 created a new parliament. You have used this law to help the public better understand your work and involve more people in the democratic process.

As a result, 2 this parliament is now recognized by law as the Senedd Cymru or the Welsh parliament. The name reflects the evolution of the institution over 22 years, with the power to enact legislation and the ability to change taxes in a wide range of areas at the heart of Wales’ life. This shows your position as a parliament acting on behalf of the Welsh people.

You are also reaching out to all generations, and the establishment of the first Welsh Youth Parliament provides another opportunity to hear the voices of young people, allowing them to make a valuable contribution to the work of The Senedd. I made it.

You should also be honored for your innovation. This was the first of the UK legislatures to hold a formal virtual conference. The fact that all political parties have shown their determination that you should continue to meet is commendable and evidence of your commitment to scrutinize the government on behalf of the Welsh people.

I’ve talked about in many ways how recent times have brought us closer. We are all grateful to those who have risen very nicely to the challenges of the last 18 months. From key workers to volunteers, we have made great efforts to serve the community. They are a brilliant example of the very famous spirit of the Welsh people, the spirit I have personally encountered many times.

It is a source of joy that both Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have a home in Wales with the Duchess of Cambridge and experience their very special sense of community.

Welsh people have a lot to be proud of, and for the next five years you will be inspired by their indomitable spirit as they represent the interests of Wales and its people, enact legislation for Wales and hold Wales. I’m sure it will continue to be done. Government to explain.

There are many challenges to come when working together to promote the well-being of the Welsh people and support their reconstruction efforts. The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, and I wish you all the best for the sixth session of this parliament. We pray for your efforts. Diolcho gallon.

Going out with a wand again to open the Welsh Parliament, the Queen appears to glow pink

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