Gerald blames Biden’s top aide for having a “Marie Antoinette” atmosphere.


President Biden’s longtime top advisor Ron Klain When the royal family told French farmers to “let me eat cake,” they were acting towards an American working class like Queen Marie Antoinette, host Gerald Rivera said, “The Five.” -Economic inflation is a “luxury problem” after the White House’s chief aide retweets and emphasizes the call record of Professor Harvard’s tweet.

Formerly Biden’s Vice President and Vice President’s top aide, Barack Obama’s emperor of Ebola, Crane was criticized for the tweet.

“I think there were always two types of Christmas shoppers,” Butigeg said. “Some people have completed the entire list by Halloween, others like me appearing in the mall on Christmas Eve. If you’re in the latter bucket, there’s obviously more to do.”

Rivera said Thursday that in response to the supply chain crisis, young people need to be adjusted to apply for truck drivers in the short term, but Crane left a sharper commentary.

“The problem that Ron Klain retweeted is that there is a” Marie Antoinette atmosphere. ” It’s like “let me eat cake”. It is the “lower class” that has the problem, and we are the upper class. Why I always hated the Ivy League-oriented Democratic Party. “

“The reason it’s all happening is that the COVID is still in the mood. It beats everyone and pulls them apart … and you have the remaining protracted wounds from Afghanistan. I We never got over it. “

He said the catastrophe of Afghanistan’s withdrawal “broke through Joe Biden’s shield.”

Host Jesse Watters has shown that Crane is “not a great chief of staff,” and Biden spokesman Jennifer Pusaki “bombed” to defend Crane and the administration during a Thursday briefing. Added.

“They are everywhere on the map … First, they said there was no inflation, then they said it was temporary, and now they said,” It’s a sign of progress. “. I’m not going to reduce it. “

“”[Inflation] It barely affects the wealthy. You cannot fly, buy or hire. Joe Biden’s presidency did not make life easier. This is what we are now. “

Watters said Democrats and other networks continue to slam into the wall at a January 6 committee chaired by Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson, and supply chain crises and inflation are not comparable. Added.

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Just a while ago Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin Former Breitbart News chief accused former Trump adviser Stephen K. Bannon after signaling that he might not accept the commission’s subpoena. Ruskin said on Twitter that Bannon should be prepared to “confront the full power of the law for the grinning contempt he is showing to Congress.”

“If they think the country cares about it, they aren’t informed about what the country cares about,” Watters said.

Gerald blames Biden’s top aide for having a “Marie Antoinette” atmosphere

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