Garcelle Beauvais Drops Hints That ‘RHOBH’ Is Over.


When it comes to returning to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” next season, Garcelle Beauvais is weighing her options. After a tumultuous season 11, the sophomore Housewives star admitted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that her return to the Bravo reality show isn’t set in stone.

Beauvais told the outlet, “I’m on the fence.” “You’re like truth serum!” says the narrator. ”

Fans are aware that Beauvais was involved in some thorny storylines and had several run-ins with co-star Erika Jayne. At the “RHOBH” reunion, things got heated as well.

During the 10-hour taping, Beauvais told ET, “There are a lot of different emotions.” Beauvais’ new tease that she’s “on the fence” about returning to the Bravo reality show comes just a few weeks after she told Radar Online that she planned to return for season 12. “That’s the plan..”

In early September 2021, she said, “The plan is to go back, so… YES!”

Beauvais Explained Some of Her ‘RHOBH’ Storylines

During her second season as a Housewife, fans saw a new side of Beauvais. She spearheaded a “never have I ever” game on the penultimate episode of season 11 and specifically asked her co-stars if any of them had ever stolen anything. Erika Jayne, who is embroiled in her estranged ex-husband’s ongoing embezzlement lawsuits, was irritated by the question.

Beauvais told ET that her shady game question was her idea and that no one from the “RHOBH” was involved. “The producers had nothing to do with it,” she said.

“We sat down — you have to remember, we’re usually drunk, right? So all kinds of things happen..” But that was like saying, “Let’s play a game!” ‘I’m not the type to say, ‘Let’s play a game.’ ‘”

Despite Erika Jayne’s displeasure with her question, Beauvais has been surprised by some of her co-stars’ responses throughout the season.

“This season, two things surprised me the most: Erika’s openness to talk,” Beauvais previously told Today. “And the other thing is how quickly the other girls rallied around her and didn’t even question… like Denise (Richards).” ”

Beauvais Has a Wish List for the ‘RHOBH’ Cast

Beauvais already has some ideas for who would be a good fit for the Bravo reality show’s open slot if she does turn in her “RHOBH” diamond. She has stated that she would “love” to see her friend Denise Richards return to “RHOBH,” but she admitted to ET that she has “not heard anything.” She also told The Daily Mail that Kris Jenner would be a great addition to the show, and that it might be time for OG queen bee Lisa Vanderpump to reclaim her diamond. “I know the fans would love to see Lisa,” Beauvais said.

“I don’t know her, but I think she’d add some new energy to the show,” she added. Beauvais also proposed bringing in a “house husband” as a main cast member for


“Not just a background husband, but a hands-on husband,” she teased, before joking, “Brad Pitt?” ”

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