France violently condemns Britain’s latest proposal for immigration.


curry – As the language war between the two countries over the dangerous crossroads across the English Channel intensifies, France is angry on Friday for Britain’s latest proposal to deal with the deadly flow of immigrants across the banks. Reacted to.

In an open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson provided a series of suggestions on how the two countries could deal with the crisis after the boat sank on Wednesday, when 27 people died.

Published on social media, the letter was considered “unacceptable” by French government spokesman Gabriel Attal. As a result, he said British Home Secretary Priti Patel was no longer welcomed at Sunday’s European conference to discuss the matter.

“We’re tired of Doublespeak,” Atal said.

In his nomination, Johnson asked France to regain all immigrants who had illegally passed from its coast to Britain.


Attal dismissed the idea as “obviously not necessary to solve this problem.”

He said the letter “doesn’t correspond at all” to the discussions that Johnson and Macron had on Wednesday after the tragedy.

Johnson also suggested that British border authorities begin patrols on beaches in northern France as early as next week. This is what Paris has resisted for a long time. He also recommended joint or mutual maritime patrols and manned flight and aerial surveillance by unmanned aerial vehicles in each other’s territorial waters.

British Transport Minister Grant Shapps said Johnson made the proposal “in good faith” and urged the French to reconsider their decision.

“I don’t think there’s anything inflamed to seek close cooperation with our closest neighbor,” he told the BBC Radio. “The proposal was made in good faith. I can assure it to my French friends, and I hope they reconsider meeting to discuss it.”


France’s move shows a sharp deterioration in relations between the two countries, which has been increasingly tense over the weeks due to the channel’s immigration crisis.

British officials have criticized France for rejecting their offer to conduct joint patrols with French police along the strait coast by French police and border guards. French officials say Britain is at stake because if migrants can cross the strait, they will stay in the country and work too easily.

More than 23,000 people have already entered the UK on small boats this year, with 8,500 last year and only 300 in 2018, according to data compiled by Congress.


Piras reported from London.

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France violently condemns Britain’s latest proposal for immigration

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