Four Egyptian officers are tried in Italy for the murder of Legeni.

File Photo: A man is holding a placard during a rally to commemorate Julio Legeni, who was killed in Cairo, downtown Rome, Italy, on January 25, 2017.Reuters / Alessandro Bianchi

October 14, 2021

Crispian Miller

ROME (Reuters)-The trial of four senior members of the Egyptian security agency began on Thursday in their absence, and the quartet on their alleged role in the disappearance and murder of student Julio Legeni in Cairo in 2016. Faced with accusations.

Italy hopes the trial will shed light on the killings that shocked the country and strained relations with Egypt. Egypt has repeatedly denied authorities have anything to do with Regini’s brutal death.

“The quest for truth is and will continue to be a fundamental goal of our relationship with Egypt,” Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio told Parliamentary investigative committee last month.

“Drawing a definitive picture within the framework of a fair trial does not bring Julio back to his parents, but reinstates the strength of justice, transparency, and the rule of law he believed in. I will confirm. “

Legeni, a graduate student at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, disappeared in the Egyptian capital in January 2016. His body was found almost a week later, and post-mortem examination revealed that he had been extensively tortured before his death.

Italian and Egyptian prosecutors investigated the case together, but both fell later and came to very different conclusions.

Italian prosecutors are responsible for the “deteriorated kidnapping” of Egyptian General Intelligence Maj. Gen. Magdi Sharif, former Head of State Maj. Gen. Tarexabir, police Captain Hisham Helmy, and former Cairo investigator Major General Azakamar. It states that it was. “Regini’s.

Sharif has also been accused of “a conspiracy to commit an exacerbated murder.”

The suspect has never responded publicly to the accusation, and Egyptian police and authorities have repeatedly denied involvement in Regini’s disappearance and murder.

Wrong party

Regini’s parents were one of the first to arrive at a trial in a secure Roman prison.

The office of Prime Minister Mario Draghi said the government would be a civilian party in this case, indicating that the government considers itself an injustice party.

A criminal defense lawyer appointed to the court states that it is uncertain whether any of the suspects knows about the proceedings and should not be tried.

The judge dismissed their objections at a preliminary hearing in May, stating that the news of the investigation would have reached them regardless. However, the judge can decide another way on Thursday and request another effort to contact them.

Regini was in Cairo to investigate an independent union in Egypt for his dissertation. Associates say he was also interested in the long-standing domination of the Egyptian economy by the state and the military. Both subjects are sensitive in Egypt.

Prosecutors say there is evidence that Sharif had informants track Regini and eventually arrest him at a Cairo subway station. The charge sheet states that Sharif and other unidentified Egyptian officials tortured Legeni for several days, causing him “acute physical distress.”

Egyptian officials initially said Regini had died in a car accident. They later stated that he was the victim of a gang kidnapping and was subsequently captured and killed by police.

It is not clear how long the trial will last. The government said it would hand over those convicted in this case.

(Report by Crispian Balmer, edited by Alex Richardson and William Maclean)

Four Egyptian officers are tried in Italy for the murder of Legeni

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