Fans Slam ‘American Idol,’ Ask Winner Just Sam What Happened to Record Deal


Samantha “Just Sam” Diaz won the 2020 season of ABC’s “American Idol. ” The champion has since seemingly cut ties with the show and picked back up with singing in the subway of New York, which she was doing before auditioning for the competition.

Just Sam uploaded a video of herself getting ready to sing in a subway station with a donation box on Instagram on September 22, 2021 with the caption, “BACK AT IT with my little box #CovidTimes #samunderground thank you so much to @le. akuyaku for being so supportive and taking this journey with me. ”

It’s not clear if the post was a publicity post for the documentary that features Diaz, which was titled Sam Underground.

Fans Asked What Happened to Her Record Deal

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In the comment section, fans begged Just Sam to update them on what happened to “American Idol” or the record deal that she got from winning the show.

“Where is the AI Family in getting you a tour and gigs??? – Not that I’d mind being trapped between stations on the C for an hour with you again, but for real, Idol needs to step it UP!” one fan wrote.

Another commented, “What happened to your record deal. ”

“So… Why hasn’t anything happened with you since American Idol? Yet Gabby [Barrett] is out there playing concerts… Getting awards and music videos?” another wrote.

Even more fans questioned Just Sam about her record deal, many saying they’re confused and asking for an explanation.

“So confused why are you in this position after American Idol and other folks from the show are in a different position?” one person questioned in the comment section.

Plenty of commenters called the video “sad” and asked if she was doing okay.

“Why are you doing this what happened to you winning American Idol?” one person questioned. “I thought you had this new record coming out this month. You are an amazing singer I watched you win and was glad you were definitely my choice. Hopefully things get better soon. ”

Fans Are Left ‘Confused’ About Just Sam’s Situation

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While it’s not clear if Just Sam is singing in the underground again because she’s filming something new or for some other reason, fans on her Instagram posts are left confused.

“I’m sooooo confused…. did you get dropped? I’ve been waiting for an official single for over a year and a half at this point… winning did nothing for you,” one person commented on a recent post.

Another wrote, “People wanted to support you but you can’t tell them the reason why you are going back under ground. ”

Fans online have wondered for some time whether Just Sam still has her recording contract that she would have been given for winning “American Idol. ” They’ve also come to speculate that the singer was dropped by the label since she hasn’t released any music under the label since her “American Idol” win.

One Redditor wrote, “It looks like Season 18 winner Just Sam has already been dropped by Hollywood Records. She is no longer on the Hollywood Records artist roster. She is doing a Christmas song with Faith Becnel and it is an indie release. ”

Her next song, “Africando,” also seemed to be an indie release.

Just Sam released her newest song, “Change,” which she dedicated to murdered friends and family, on September 28, 2021.

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