Fans come back and the NBA repeats the need for proper action.


Miami – In Miami’s first pre-season game of the year, something got a lot of attention when heat coach Erik Spoelstra stood in the usual place between the team’s bench and the scorer’s table.

The fans he noticed were only a few feet away again.

“The seats in the front row are full,” Spoelstra said. “We didn’t have it for a year and a half.”

This is a welcome sign for a return to normal. The NBA welcomes fans and hopes everyone will follow the rules again.

The league expects a full arena when the season begins next week, and keeping all fans, players and coaches safe is a top priority. Keeping in mind the recent unruly fan behavior-focused incidents, the league is a national district lawyer to connect the franchise with prosecutors who can act as a point of contact with the team in the event of fraud. We are affiliated with the association.

Fans who decide to be out of control, as in last season’s playoffs when Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn threw a bottle in his head on trays in Boston and Atlanta, will get quick and serious results if caught. Hope to understand that Young spit in New York. In both cases, problematic fans were found and banned from their respective arenas. He was also charged in a Boston lawsuit. And that wasn’t the only thing last spring.


“Sure, deterrence is a goal,” said Elizabeth Marineger, senior vice president and assistant general counselor for the NBA. “That’s an absolute goal. That’s why we have a sign, that’s why we post a code of conduct for our fans, that’s why we make a loud announcement about our behavior. Those who are thinking of doing something want to stop it, especially if it is going to cross the line of criminal activity. “

The NBA emerged from discussions with players in the summer of 2019 with a new focus on ensuring safety after Russell Westbrook was racistly abused in Salt Lake City. .. He threw popcorn in Philadelphia last season. Kyle Lowry was squeezed into a minority partner in the Warriors-owned group during the NBA Finals match in the Golden State.

The pandemic struck a few months later. The 2019-20 season resumed without fans, starting last season with empty buildings, and in most cities, until last spring and summer playoffs, nothing was closer to a complete arena of the game. It was during the playoffs that Irving was struck and someone spit on Young.


“Imagine a stranger appearing in your work and throwing a water bottle in your head,” Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins told Call Buckley, who allegedly threw a water bottle at Irving. Said when he was charged. “We require politeness and sportsmanship in all youth sports, but do you tolerate blasphemous words and the spirit of” silent dribbling “for certain professional sports and athletes? The NBA has an increasing disturbing tendency for players to be physically and verbally assaulted with blasphemous and blatant racist remarks. That behavior is completely unacceptable. “

Players have been repeating that feeling for some time.

“Fans have to grow at some point,” said Kevin Durant of Brooklyn after the bottle was thrown into Irving. “I know that being at home for a year and a half in a pandemic puts a lot of people at risk and a lot of people stressed. But when you come to these games, you Must be aware: these men are humans. We are not animals. We are not in the circus. “


The NDAA has partnered with sports organizations in the past. Group president Billy West knows everything about how fans can be passionate about it. He went to North Carolina, played golf there, and experienced first-hand how noisy basketball arenas could be at the Atlantic Coast Conference.

“I’m home to college basketball and I’m very passionate, but there are boundaries that I don’t have to cross,” West said. “We aren’t thinking of prosecuting the passionate fans who support their team, but when it crosses the border and becomes a criminal offense, it changes the dynamics … therefore , I think it’s very important to be able to bring the NBA into contact with the right people in each jurisdiction. An incident will occur. “

The ongoing pandemic further complicates safety and behavioral issues, and some arenas require fans to be presented with evidence of vaccination or negative testing. The NBA also needs to cover the faces of these fans in all arenas. A section close to the court, unless you are willing to eat or drink. Some arenas require all fans to wear masks, no matter where they sit.


Spoelstra said it wouldn’t be a hassle for fans to return to their old places.

“Even when people were watching the chat, it felt like it used to be,” he said. “It’s okay.”


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Fans come back and the NBA repeats the need for proper action

Source link Fans come back and the NBA repeats the need for proper action


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