Deere & Co.Workers strike after refusing the contract.


The United Auto Workers said in a statement that more than 10,000 Deere and Company workers had striked on Thursday after “the company failed to offer an agreement to meet the needs and needs of its members.”

What you need to know

  • Thousands of Deere & Co. Employees went on strike on Thursday after refusing the contract.Workers complain about long hours in a labor shortage
  • The United Auto Workers have previously declined a proposal to offer some workers a 5% salary increase and others a 6% salary increase.
  • In a statement, Deer’s vice president of labor relations said the company “promises favorable results.”
  • Deere & Co.Workers last went on strike 35 years ago

The union said members would quit their jobs if no agreement was reached by 11:59 pm Wednesday. Earlier this week, the majority of unions rejected contract proposals earlier this week, which were agricultural giants known for their green tractors and other machinery, giving some workers a 5% salary increase and others a 6% salary increase. ..

“Almost one million UAW retirees and full-time members are in solidarity with John Deere’s impressive UAW members,” said UAW Chairman Rey Curry.

In a statement, Deere’s Vice President of Labor Relations, Brad Morris, said the company “is committed to delivering positive results for its employees, communities and all stakeholders.” He said Deer wants an agreement to improve the financial status of all employees.

“We understand our employees’ priorities and will continue to work day and night to resolve this strike, and we will continue to work for the benefit of all who we serve.” Morris said.

Thirty-five years have passed since the last major strike, but workers are demanding more demand this year as companies face a labor shortage after working long hours throughout the pandemic. became.

Chuck Browning, Vice President and Director of the UAW Agricultural Implementation Division, said: “We will continue to focus on negotiations until the members’ goals are achieved.”

Chris Lawsen, who works as a painter at Deer, told The Des Moines Register before the strike that it could make a big difference.

“The whole country will monitor us,” Rosen told the newspaper. “If we stand here for the prosperity of ourselves, our families, and basic human beings, it will make a difference to the entire manufacturing industry. Let’s do it. Don’t be afraid.”

Earlier this year, another group of UAW workers went on strike at the Volvo Trucks plant in Virginia, rejecting three provisional contract offers and ending with better wages and lower cost health insurance. ..

Deere & Co.Workers strike after refusing the contract

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