Danish man suspected of killing five in a bow and arrow attack in Norway.

An arrow left on the wall can be seen in Kongsberg, Norway, on October 13, 2021, after a man attacking with a bow and arrow killed several and injured others. TerjeBendiksby / NTB / via REUTERS

October 14, 2021

Oslo (Reuters)-Police said Thursday that a 37-year-old Danish citizen was suspected of killing five people in a bow and arrow attack in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg in a rare case of genocide in Norway.

Two people were injured in the attack on Wednesday night, including an off-duty police officer https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/man-kills-several-people-norway-bow-arrow-attacks-police -For example, at various locations in the town 68 km (42 miles) southwest of the capital Oslo-2021-10-13.

“This very serious situation, of course, impresses Kongsburg and the people who live here,” Oeyvind Aas, district police chief, said in a statement.

Police said the arrested suspect was believed to have been acting alone. They said nothing about possible motives.

Police were also investigating whether other weapons were being used, but some of the attacks were carried out with bows and arrows, Aas said late Wednesday.

The death toll in Norway has been the worst since 2011, when the far-right radical Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people. Most of them were teenagers in youth camps.

Police said they were providing information on the nationality of men after rumors about people unrelated to the attack swirled on social media.

Norway’s next prime minister, Jonas Garstorre, who will come to power on Thursday after winning the general election last month, said he was constantly informed by the retiring government.

“What we have learned from Kongsburg is a witness to cruel and brutal conduct,” Storre said in a statement to news agency NTB.

The attack lasted more than 30 minutes in Kongsberg’s “large area,” including the Coop Extra grocery store, the Aftenposten newspaper quoted police as saying.

A woman living near the store said she heard an alarm on her way home.

“I saw a group of police officers, including one who had some arrows in his hand,” a woman, Marit Hoefle, told the newspaper.

Investigators are considering whether the attack is a terrorist act and said they would reveal details of the case later Thursday.

Police were interrogating the suspect and he was cooperating, his lawyer said.

“He is working together and has made a detailed statement about the event,” lawyer Fredrick Neumann told public broadcaster NRK.

An image from one of the crime scenes showed an arrow that appeared to pierce the wall of a wooden panel building.

About 28,000 people live in the Kongsberg municipality.

Following the attack, police said they had ordered police officers across the country to carry firearms. Norwegian police are usually unarmed, but police officers can get guns if needed.

(Report by Terje Solsvik, edited by Robert Birsel)

Danish man suspected of killing five in a bow and arrow attack in Norway

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