Concert replacement at inauguration: Tom Hanks plans mega show for Biden


Joe Biden is facing a light version of the inauguration for security reasons and because of the Corona pandemic. For the world’s population, the event should nevertheless offer top-class entertainment. US actor Tom Hanks wants to make sure of that.

According to media reports, actor Tom Hanks is planning a special show with stars from the music scene for the inauguration of future US President Joe Biden. Hanks wants to go on air with the show on the evening of January 20 simultaneously on television and on the Internet, replacing the canceled celebrations for the inauguration of the new president. The program reportedly includes performances by singers Jon Bon Jovi and Justin Timberlake.

The show, “Celebrating America,” was developed with Biden’s team for the inauguration, according to the report. It is also dedicated to the helpers and victims of the Corona pandemic. Most major U.S. networks have already agreed to air the show, including ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN.

Following the storming of the Capitol by militant supporters of President-elect Donald Trump and in the face of high Corona infection numbers, traditional celebrations in Washington prior to Biden’s inauguration were canceled. Previous swearing-in ceremonies had also featured celebrities. At former President Barack Obama’s inauguration, for example, soul legend Aretha Franklin sang.

Biden is still expected to be sworn in at the Capitol, but it is unlikely to be followed by a full motorcade parade to the White House. There are fears of new violence before and during Biden’s inauguration next Wednesday. That’s why drastic security precautions are being taken. Washington’s police chief Robert Contee said Wednesday that some 20,000 National Guardsmen would be deployed. Previously, there had been talk of about 15,000 reservists. Authorities fear attacks by radical Trump supporters not only in Washington but in all 50 states.


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