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Welcome to Big Fish Casino, a well-known social gambling platform that offers numerous games and good bonuses to its customers. It is a famous brand available on the web and also as a smartphone app.

Big Fish Casino has been around since 2002 and has recently become prevalent on Facebook having over 450 games and 3,500 PC games. To get started, you can log on to the web version or opt for the mobile application choice big fish casino bonus codes.

Bonuses & Promotions

After registration with this casino, you are eligible for 100,000 Big Fish Casino free chips as a welcome bonus package to play with. What follows next is a free spin from whence players can access a random bonus after spinning the wheel plus a bonus deal that awards up to 2000 Big fish Casino chips per 31 minutes.

At Big Fish Casino, it is possible to win prizes when you play various games and as you place bets, the more experience you get plus the higher levels which offers you more winnings, more games and higher betting limits.

Big Fish Casino Gold bars are made available so you can purchase more games and add them to their list. Games can also be purchased with bonus codes delivered through email; reducing the prices of most games. These promo codes are also applicable in the mobile app.

Big Fish Casino can reward up to16 billion free chips per day from where 35,000 Big Fish Casino slots jackpots are available to be won. Apart from this, regular players can spin the bonus wheel to win free bonus chips.

In terms of the VIP program, the more you purchase chips and gold, the more VIP points you get. The higher you are in the VIP with points, the greater the discounts and the greater the rewards. Furthermore, you can become a VIP if you purchase at least $5 and access these benefits.

Big Fish Casino Payment options

As a customer, you can purchase chips and gold using any of the following payment options listed below;

  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover

 Big Fish Casino Games

Big Fish Casino can boast up to 450 handheld mobile games and 3,500 PC games from which players can choose. Some of the games are common like blackjack, roulette, slot games, video poker and table games. Below is a list of slot games and video poker titles;

  • Baywatch
  • Jackpot City
  • Sweet Stacks
  • Jokers Wild
  • Deuces Wild

Customer Support Services & Security

If you have any issues with the casino, contact the help page or email Customer support. If you chose email, you’ll get a confirmation if your query has been received and you’ll get a reply from their customer support team via the address you provided. This confirmation and reply are issued between 1-3 days depending on the order in which the message is sent.

In terms of security, the online protection is top-notch when making an online purchase plus the website is stable and the Facebook portal is dependable.

H2: Conclusion

The interface of this casino makes it easy for the customers to communicate with the system. The only language available is English and creating an account on Facebook as well as the casino is never an issue. Get started and take part in the fun!


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