Another person claims a shakedown at Rodriguez Park as the official corruption trial of Varientes Vera approaches.


San Antonio – The picture of Charles Ibarra smiling while surrounded by loved ones should have represented the proud culmination of months of planning a family reunion. Instead, it reminds me of one of the most stressful days of his life.

Ybarra forked nearly $ 600 to rent Rodriguez Park Pavilion 2 for a reunion in September 2018: $ 254.41 to Bexar Heritage & Parks Department for outdoor pavilion use, Bexar County Precinct 2 Constable’s Office I paid a separate security fee of $ 320.

However, on the morning of the event, Ibara’s family prepared meals and the crowd grew to dozens, so Ibara then interrupted the celebration with the appearance of Constable Michel Varientes Bella and Chief Deputy Anthony Castillo in District 2. Claims.

Records show that Ybarra paid more than $ 250 to rent Rodriguez Park Pavilion 2 at the September 2018 event. (KSAT)

“Turn off electricity, electricity, water, turn off music,” Ibara recalled, explaining the instructions Valientes Vera shouted. Ibara says he was in uniform and stopped the big cooler that was in use at some point.


According to Ibara, Varientesvera demanded an additional $ 400 in cash to increase security.

“She was like,’You’re not going to pay me, you don’t have it?’ I didn’t have it, I didn’t have it So she says, “Then we’ll shut you down,” recalls Ibara, who provided the pavilion rental and security fee defender receipts paid before the event.

“Families are appearing. They will leave. They thought there was a problem,” he said. He added that he began collecting a small amount of cash to give to Valientes Vera and was forced to charge some families twice for T-shirts for reunion.

“I was giving her 80, then 40, and 100,” Ybarra said.

Charles Ybarra (seat) taken with his family in September 2018. (KSAT)

After the event, Ibara tried to submit a report for $ 400 to the Constable Office in District 2 for a few weeks, but said Valientes Vera staff would not take him seriously.

He also contacted the Commissioner’s office in District 2, but said he could not file a complaint until he also contacted the County Parks Authority.


In September 2020, two years after the family reunion was interrupted, Ibarra received a $ 5,000 settlement check from a third-party county manager for liability and workers’ accident compensation claims.

The $ 5,000 settlement accepted by Ybarra freed Bexar County from all future claims for the September 2018 case. (KSAT)

Checks distributed by Canon Cochrane Management Services free the county from all claims related to the case, records show.

A county spokeswoman said CCMSI, whose current contract with the county to provide claims services began in August 2019, has the authority to resolve minor claims of up to $ 5,000.

A spokeswoman said Thorny’s allegations were the only ones submitted and paid with the involvement of users of the county park and the former consulate.

Mr. Ibarra, who described Valientes Vera’s actions as a “shakedown,” said he had problems with law enforcement’s choice not to file proceedings because of possible criminal accusations.

Former Harris County prosecutor Randy Burton, unrelated to Valientes Vera’s next criminal trial, expressed his opinion after considering Thorny’s allegations.


“It’s like a protection racket, people go out and say,” If you give us more money, we’ll protect your business. ” This is a very serious crime, “says Burton.

Former Harris County Prosecutor Randy Burton. (KSAT)

Burton said the allegations could be guilty of both theft and official crackdowns. The crime was charged with a civil servant using his position to abuse others.

Barrientes Vela, who remains free on public debt awaiting two felony trials that forge evidence, is already facing three separate official crackdowns.

However, these official crackdown charges were related to her alleged treatment of two Second District lawmakers who were dismissed by her in 2018, claiming they were abused after returning to the agency. doing.

Earlier this year, the county settled several proceedings filed by two lawmakers for $ 347,000.


Barrientes Vela does not appear to be criminally liable in the Ybarra case, or a similar case in Easter 2019, when the consulate at the time was accused of demanding cash from another person who rented the Rodriguez Spark Pavilion.

A spokeswoman for the Bexar Count District Attorney’s Office said the Ybarra case was considered a civil matter and the accusation of evidence did not need to identify a particular plaintiff.

10 points from the ex-Pct explosive search warrant. 2 Constable Varientes Vera

Jesus Reyes, the man in the 2019 Easter case, said Bexer that Varientes Bella and Castillo demanded him $ 500 in cash after the Varientes Bella family was forced to move out of the pavilion he rented. He told a county sheriff investigator.


According to the Texas Rangers search warrant, Reyes eventually agreed to pay Valientes Bella $ 300, but was forced to leave the pavilion hours before the lease expired.

The warrant, which was used to attack the office of Varientes Vera in the fall of 2019, is responsible for the police officer at the time tampering with the payment log for the security of the park and accepting payment of security fees. It also includes evidence of threatening a private clerk.

The clerk said Rangers Valientes Vera often assigns a spare agent to work as a guard in the park, but then keeps the fees paid to her office for herself.

The clerk was also afraid that Valientes Vera was changing the amount her office would receive, the warrant said.

Especially with regard to the Reyes case, the clerk ordered the Rangers to make a receipt for Valientes Vera, but then told the warrant to tear it from the receipt so that no record existed, the warrant said. ..


A few months after being the target of the Rangers attack, Valientes Vera was charged with six corruption charges.

The indictment accuses Valientes Vera of knowing she was false about presenting Rodriguez Park’s cash logs.

Former District 2 Chief Deputy Anthony Castillo

Castillo, nominated throughout the search warrant and listed as one of the four targets on the search warrant, has never been charged with criminal charges.

Castillo was fired by Barrientes Vela in October 2019, just hours before she left the office 15 months before her term ended.

Barrientes Vela’s criminal defense lawyer declined an interview about the record of this story.

She will be brought to trial on December 6, after being delayed many times due to court restrictions related to COVID-19.

Barrientes Vela’s lawyer has petitioned Bexar District Attorney Joe Gonzales this week to disqualify him from prosecution, citing comments allegedly made by a former Gonzales campaign manager this summer.


Robert Vargas III is a future public corruption trial of Valientes Vera by Meza.

Judge Sid Haar, who represented Meza in a preliminary hearing on August 5 related to the motion, is tasked with arbitrating Meza, court officials said.

Earlier this year, prosecutors dismissed the most serious charges against Valientes Vera, a felony and exacerbated perjury.

Her former captain, Mark D. Garcia, faces four allegations of public corruption and will be tentatively tried on the same day. But perhaps his trial will be postponed to 2022.

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Another person claims a shakedown at Rodriguez Park as the official corruption trial of Varientes Vera approaches

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