Airplane parts maker Boeing calls defective supplied spirits, etc. – Sources.

File Photo: Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, USA, December 17, 2019. REUTERS / Nick Oxford / File Photo

October 14, 2021

Tim Heffer, David Shepherdson, Francesco Landini

(Reuters) – According to industry sources and documents, the Italian subcontractor at the heart of the latest obstacles on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has worked for a wide range of aerospace companies, including Spirit AeroSystems.

Boeing and regulators have previously stated that parts of the 787 jet airliner have been improperly manufactured in the last three years. They were indirectly supplied by the Manufacturing Process Specification (MPS) as a Leonardo subcontractor.

In March, Boeing warned Spirit AeroSystems of a suspected MPS component problem and called for the use of an alternative supplier to continue auditing the operations of Italian companies, according to a letter seen by Reuters. bottom.

We also asked the Wichita-based spirit to track MPS parts used by 2017 and treat them as “suspected nonconformities.” In other words, we need to check further.

“While Boeing is conducting further testing and evaluation, with great care, Boeing has also decided to consider all products processed by MPS to be suspicious,” it said.

Boeing and Spirit did not immediately comment on the letter. Boeing previously stated that the issue did not cause imminent safety issues for the 787 Dreamliner, which is already in service.

MPS, a coating supplier based in Brindisi, Italy, did not respond to requests for comment by phone or email.

MPS is also an approved supplier of Airbus, according to the list available from the plane manufacturer’s website.

A spokesperson for a European company did not immediately comment when asked if the European company or its supplier used parts related to the work recently carried out by MPS.

(Reported by Tim Hepher in Paris, David Shepardson in Washington, Francesca Landini in Milan, edited by Lisa Shumaker)

Airplane parts maker Boeing calls defective supplied spirits, etc. – Sources

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